Video & Cine film to DvD now Available in St Helens, Wigan & Warrington

Video to DvD Transfer Just £14.99!

Lets keep this simple….. Video Tapes Fade!

So why not let us transfer your VHS Video tapes onto DvD so they won’t fade any more?

Also, once your video player eventually breaks down ( as they do)  it’s unlikely you’ll replace it with a new one and you’ll not be able to watch your precious video  memories any longer.

You’ve also probably noticed a loss in quality from when you first watched your videos, well unfortunately it wont get any better the longer you leave them!
What we can do for you is stop any further fading of your Video Tapes by transferring them onto a DvD.

DvD’s don’t fade.

Once your video footage is transferred onto a DvD it wont fade any more – ever!.
It can’t fade, because it’s digital there is nothing to fade and no moving parts to wear out.

DvD’s are versatile too…

Once you have your video on DvD you can watch it on your DvD player, ( if you don’t have a DvD player yet, you can pick one up in Asda or Tesco for about £25) and you can also watch the DvD on your computer or laptop too.

So What’s The Cost To Get My Video onto DvD Then?

Firstly, All DvD’s come in a standard DvD case with a printed, personalised cover.
Backup or duplicate DvD’s are just £5 including case and cover, regardless of the length of video on them.

The Cost of Video To DvD Transfer is as follows:

From a standard VHS Video Tape we charge just £14.99 ( maximum 2 hours per DvD to ensure no loss of quality).
This is complete with case and personalised cover including your own title and images on the cover taken from the video.

How to Order.

Firstly Contact Customer Services from 8am to 8 pm any day on: 07803 339742 To discuss what you have and what you need.

Drop off, Collection and delivery options.

Our Collection Service

If you live in St Helens we offer £5 Collection and delivery.

If you live in Ashton in Makerfield, Billinge, Garswood, Wigan, Warrington, Leigh, Golburn, Prescot, Whiston etc. or near by, then we can Collect and deliver your order for £10.

If you live more than 10  miles away we charge £1.50 per mile

Drop Off

You are welcome to bring your films to us in St Helens and then collect them when ready.

By Post

Or you can post them to us, and we’ll return by post to you.
For the postal service we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery, and will return your order Via the same
at a cost of around £7.50 per order.

By Courier.
We can arrange Door to Door collection and return throughout the UK for £12 

Payment can be by Cash, Check, Credit / Debit  card or paypal.

Cine film to DvD

Cine Film to DvD

Lets convert your 8mm cine film to DvD

Conversion starts from just £34.99

Full Details
camcorder tapes to dvd

Camcorder tapes to DvD

Convert your MINI DV, 8mm & VHS-C Camcorder tapes to DvD

Video to DvD Transfer  starts at just £14.99!

Full Details
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